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"I  create houses that feel like a home;

full of life, soul and character."

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Katie Cardew - Interior Designer |

An illustrator turned interior designer.

Since beginning her illustration business in 2013, Katie has become a household name in Rutland and Lincolnshire. She is renowned for her signature prints, homewares, and high-street shops. 


In 2022, Katie ventured into the world of interior design and is now known for creating vibrant interiors bursting with character and unique style.


Don't miss her Instagram for a peek into her own historic home renovation, a family affair with her partner Jamie and children Agnes and Ru.

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We were a bit stuck with what direction to take with decorating after moving into a new house and Katie came up with such wonderful curated designs for our living room and bedroom. 


It makes such a difference to have a plan we love and feel confident about. 

Katie is a pleasure to deal with and can’t wait to do up our kitchen and bathroom with her!


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